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Intel Perceptual Computing Framework – Processing Tutorial

Since participating in Intel’s Perceptual Computing Developer Challenge last year, I’ve wanted to post a write up on the experience. This won’t be exactly that. What I ended up writing was an introduction to using the Perceptual Computing SDK within Processing, both as a means of reintroducing myself to the framework after not having used […]

Pong Prom Demo

I will be demoing Pong Prom and giving a quick presentation on some of its technical aspects tomorrow night at the Toronto Wearables Meetup. Feel free to drop by if you’re interested in hanging with some amazing (and incredibly talented) people. The last one drew a great crowd, including people with all levels of experience, […]

Pong Prom featured on Daily Planet

Pong Prom will be featured on tonight’s episode of Daily Planet. Those in Canada can catch it at 7 and 11pm on Discovery channel, while everyone else will be able to check it out online starting tomorrow afternoon. Update: In the words of the inimitable Ziya Tong, “I love it…this is like hell.”