Grev is a tech demo which was created for Intel's Perceptual Computing Challenge. It is a plugin which adds gestural control and voice recognition to Autodesk Revit, a 3D design and rendering package used by architects and engineers. Revit is a complex piece of software and its extensive menu system can be intimidating to new users. By adding the ability to access most controls through simple voice commands, I hoped to avoid the frustration many users experience as they search the interface for a new tool. The gestural drawing interface was an interesting challenge, in that holding your hand in the air and attempting to draw without any tactile feedback is incredibly difficult. Nonetheless, it proved to be a useful coding exercise to figure out the appropriate filters to turn what could have been an excruciating drawing interface into a reasonably smooth experience. This project won a 3rd place prize in the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge. You can see all of the winners here.